Bets can be placed by individuals who are 18 years of age or older and agree to abide by both these Rules and the Rules of Acceptance of Bets provided by Melbet. It is within the authority of Melbet to invalidate any bets that are made in violation of these Rules, the Rules of Acceptance of Bets, and the payment of winnings. The Company cannot be held responsible for the time at which it became aware of or subsequently confirmed that the bets were placed in violation of the Rules.

Melbet Account

  1. While registering on MelBet site it is important to keep in mind the rules and restrictions to avoid any controversial situations.The registration process allows for one account per IP address, family, email address, deposit method, credit/debit card number, e-wallet, and electronic deposit method. It is strictly prohibited to register multiple accounts for individuals affiliated with the user in any other way. Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to the security service blocking the accounts for a period of up to 2 months, along with a subsequent recalculation of all winning bets. By adhering to these registration requirements, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience on MelBet.
  2. Please note that Melbet reserves the right to refuse to accept bets from anyone without giving any reason.

Betting Policy

1. We understand the importance of transparency and want to inform you about our betting policy. At Melbet we believe in providing the best possible experience for our customers. Although we strive for consistency, there may be occasions when it may be necessary to revise our betting terms and conditions. Rest assured, any changes will not affect the terms and conditions of any bets you have previously placed. We value clear communication, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification regarding the current line up and betting terms and conditions. In the interest of fairness, it is important to note that Melbet reserves the right to reject bets without explanation. We appreciate your understanding and we strive to provide you with an impeccable service.

2. In the event of personnel errors or deviations from these Rules during bet acceptance, as well as in situations where there are other indications confirming the incorrectness of bets, the Online Bookmaker reserves the right to declare such bets invalid. The payout for these bets will be at odds of “1”. 

3. Moreover, if there is a suspicion of unsportsmanlike conduct in matches, Melbet holds the authority to temporarily block bets on the sporting event until a final conclusion is reached by the international organization. In case it is determined that there has been unsportsmanlike behavior, the bets will be invalidated, and the payout for these bets will also be at odds of “1”. It is important to note that the representatives of the company are not obligated to provide bet participants with evidence or conclusions.

4. In the event of an evident discrepancy in the odds, your bet will be settled based on the final outcome at the market odds corresponding to that particular result. If any bets were incorrectly calculated, they will be recalculated. During this recalculation period, any bets placed between the initial miscalculation and the recalculation will be deemed valid. 

5. However, if your account balance turns negative after the recalculation, you will need to replenish your account before placing any further bets. Rest assured that our system is designed to ensure fair and accurate betting experiences.

Rules for accrual of winnings

1. By placing bets and interacting with MelbetApk, your consent and actions are conclusive evidence of your understanding and agreement to the Rules. We ensure that the outcomes of events proclaimed by the Bookmaker’s office form the sole foundation for calculating bets and determining your potential winnings. Rest assured, any concerns or inquiries regarding event results will be given due consideration when accompanied by official documents from the relevant sports federations. It’s important to note that results disclosed by other betting offices lack the authoritative status that online bookmakers like MelbetApk possess as the trusted source of information for your betting endeavors.

2. In case you win, it is very important to ensure the accuracy of your winnings. If you find any discrepancies, don’t hesitate to inform our company. In your message, please include your account number, the date and time of the event, the amount wagered, the selected outcome, the odds, and the reasons for your disagreement with the calculated winnings. We value your feedback and are here to address any concerns you may have. Remember, you have a window of 10 days to submit claims regarding accrued winnings. For Cyber-Live games, excluding CyberSport, we kindly request that you submit any claims within 72 hours of the game’s conclusion. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to ensure a fair and enjoyable betting experience for all our valued participants.

Security and anti-fraud measures

1. If the client engages in fraudulent activities against Melbet, such as creating multiple accounts, using betting automation software, exploiting arbitrage situations, not using the game account for betting, or abusing loyalty programs, the betting company reserves the right to take action against such fraudulent behavior. These actions may include canceling bets, closing the participant’s account while returning the deposited funds, and reporting the fraudulent activities to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. To ensure the integrity of the betting process, the security service may conduct a verification process through a video conference. The participant will be requested to provide all necessary documents to confirm their identity and account deposits. By implementing these measures, we strive to maintain a secure and fair betting environment.

2. If a client engages in fraudulent activities against Melbet, such as creating multiple accounts, using betting automation software, exploiting arbitrage situations, not using the game account for betting, or abusing loyalty programs, the betting company reserves the right to take necessary measures to counter such fraudulent actions, which include:

  • Voiding bets that were placed;
  • Closing the account of the participant involved in the fraudulent activities and returning the deposited funds as a deposit;
  • Reporting the bet participant’s fraudulent actions to law enforcement authorities.

For the purpose of verifying the bet participant, the security service may conduct a video conference. The Security Service may request all essential documents to confirm the participant’s identity and account deposits.

3. If there are any doubts regarding the identity of the bettor or the accuracy of the provided information, Melbet Security reserves the right to request specific documents for identity verification. In such cases, payments may be temporarily withheld until the information is verified. The online bookmaker may ask for the documents to be sent through traditional postal services. The verification process typically takes up to 72 hours from the receipt of the documents. If it is determined that the information provided is unreliable, the company retains the right to cancel all bets and suspend monetary settlements indefinitely. Additionally, the account may undergo further verification by requesting a comprehensive set of documents necessary for a reliable verification process.

Modification of current rules

1. At MelBet, we are committed to providing the best user experience. As part of our dedication, we reserve the right to update and add new rules to improve our services. Rest assured, any changes or new versions of the rules will take effect immediately upon publication on our website.

2. We understand the importance of your trust and want to assure you that MelBet accepts no liability for any damage or loss claimed to have been incurred due to the use of this site or its content. This provision applies to all users and emphasizes responsible engagement with our platform. Whether you are browsing, connecting, or encountering any technical glitches, we take responsibility for maintaining a seamless experience. We strive to minimize errors, typographical errors, or omissions, ensuring the highest quality content on our site.